Kingdom of the Starlight 

In the world where Gods were constellations, Haven was nothing more than a solitary star.
But it didn’t make him weaker, quite opposite, he was the strongest out of all the Gods because of that.  Haven was easiest to notice, thanks to his lonely faith. He shines the brightest, by being surrounded by the endless blackness.
The people’s believes made immortals, what they were, powerful and alive. As long as they would not be forgotten, the worlds would spin around them. They’re the center of the universe. They’re the new beginning, and they are the end.
Together the Stars defeated, their creator.  No one dares to even think of their name. The nothingness is their sentence.
The Stars are proud of what they did, and what by that act became. But unlike Haven others, didn’t learn their lesson.
What happened once is about to happen twice.
The history repeats itself.
The Gods, created a play toy, humans. That would believe in them, the way the Stars once believed in their creators. But to avoid mutiny, Polaris, Rigel, and Vega came with even more sinister idea.
They gave life to Whispers. Making them guardians.  Whatever they would say the people would believe, they would do anything the Whispers would order. They were not looking the same as humans. Their skin was faded purple with black eyes.
The Stars felt safe enough that with time they forgot everything about Earth and focused on different planets.
Humans were never a problem, the Whispers did.
They had the power to destroy the Gods, given by their own hands.
Haven sometimes hated his life, but he was glad that he had the power to do anything he wanted with it.
He didn’t want to lose it over his sibling’s stupidity.
The Fight just began,
The Kingdom of Starlight sits on their asses, not seeing the danger that is in from of them. But Haven will make them listen. Will make them follow him, Make them do what should be done as soon as Polaris came out with the idea.
It needs to be stopped and defeated.
But how to win with someone who could easily convince you to kill yourself before you would even get close to them?
Savannah, looked at the sky, searching for the brightest star,  praying for the better world.
If the Gods were real, why they are punishing them? For what?  She often asked herself.
In the world where words are the most powerful value.
Savannah survived longer than others, thanks to the fact that she’s deaf.
Whispers have no power over her.
But they do over her family. Lost in the Capitol.
It’s now up to her to find them before it will be too late.

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