Thief of lives

Covered in blood and surrounded by nightmares.
I choose.
I desire.
I kill.
I save.
‘Cause there is no escape from my hand, my blade.

Walking from one pub to another.
I look.
I want.
I steal.
I give.
‘Cause all that matters is my power, my patterns.

No rights and yet my verdict is holy.
I know.
I wonder.
I judge.
I shatter.
‘Cause you know your sin and I know my sentence, my kin.

All in black, like a shadow or night itself.
I follow.
I notice.
I destroy.
I make.
‘Cause punishment must be served with my part when it’s deserved.


(A poem I made for my class at uni. I’ve got Assassin, thief, and judge as a keywords)




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