Life full of books

The most interesting things for me are books. There is nothing as satisfying as books in our life. At least for me. Anyone can find something that will enjoy if he only knows where to look for it.

In my circle of friends, I became ‘authority’ of books reviews. People in my high school would recognize me for reading and even people from other classes would ask about my opinion. It was quite nice that they were asking. It brings me joy to help people to encourage them to read. It takes one book to change your whole life.

One time I was trying to make a point and I ask my only friend that never, ever read a book in her life. Before even trying to read one, she assumed that it is not her thing. I knew her, I knew what she likes and what she doesn’t so for her birthday I bought her a book. A long one for her standards (500 pages or something like that) From now on I am sure that ANYONE can find something. There are not only empty words because my friend now has already 3 books she did enjoy!

Books are also amazing because they made you travel, even if you can’t afford the real journey. Every time I open a new book (or the one I read a hundred time already) I can’t help but smile. It means I am at beginning of new adventures that is about to start. There is an amazing quote from ‘The Infernal Devices’ by Cassandra Clare ‘we live and breathe words’ what exactly shows what I feel.

Everything can become an addiction. For be it would be books. Not drinking, not smoking but books can make me forget. Forget about bad day, week or even month. Forget about loneliness and shit things about my life, because when I open a book my life does not exist. George R. R. Martin in ‘Dance with Dragons’ once put ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies the man who never reads lives only one’. And I do. I live a thousand lives. I live, I die, I love, I smile, I cry. I do everything and I will do much, much more, as long as I can find something to read. (Thanks anyone that come out with an idea of a library! But my guilty pleasure is actually buying books! )

My personal favourite genre is fantasy. I AM IN LOVE. YA fantasy can be something amazing but easily it can be… boring or too predictable. Really common thing that I hate are love triangles. Ugh, please authors just stop this madness! I also hate when main protagonist is a stupid cow. Sorry not sorry, someone needed to said that. But reading awful books makes you even more appreciate the good ones. And sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a book that will take your soul. That will make you feel all emotions. That will stay with you a long time after you finish it… for the first time because If you will find it, you will go back to this book. For me it would be any book by Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Perkins or Rick Riordan, it is because of him and Percy Jackson (character from his books) that I start to read.

At the end, I would just say. Go and get a book and try to read it or at least buy the audiobook and just listen on your way to school or work. Give them a chance and maybe, just maybe you will find in them something you would never guess you want!

If you also like YA fantasy I would recommend visiting my main blog 🙂


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