Home full of memories

I should have known better. After all these years I really should have known better, I should have. So what’s wrong with me? Why I couldn’t remember to do only one thing before falling asleep?
Not that covering curtains is a hard job to do or would take me ages. I also wasn’t as much of a dreamer to believe that this time the sun would not rise in the East like almost every day. Giving sunlight the opportunity to wake me up sooner that I would wish for that.
If I could send to my past self a letter I would ask:’Why on Earth did you chose the shining silver colour of walls in your bedroom?’.
Really, not my best idea. If I could re-paint it I would go with black to match my morning mood.
Even if I would cover the curtains I would not be able to sleep longer. It’s because of my roommate.
Don’t get me wrong. She’s like a sister to me. I was so happy when I found out she wants to live with me in my house- the place that I spent all my life in. At that moment I had no idea how loud she can snore.
I kind of get used to sharing space. It was the only way I could afford to keep the house, and living with Patrycja is a blessing, as long as I go to sleep before her… and she would not open the window because next to us is a nursery, always full of children’s screams.
A couple of years ago I went to the same nursery and one of the voices belong to me, but now I am a twenty-one years old student. Too old to go with the same enthusiasm to my own University.I guess this is for the best, If I would indeed go as happy there people would think I am crazy.I left our small room as quiet as I could and I went to the kitchen. I swear yellow walls are even

I left our small room as quiet as I could and I went to the kitchen. I swear yellow walls are even worse than silver ones. Not my fault this time, but my mum’s. This was my Mum’s favourite place.
I always think of her when I make tea in the morning. One time when she was cooking dinner, she dropped the frying pan, leaving a rabbit-shaped hole in the white floor.
A small thing like that makes this place special. Makes this place a proof that once it was indeed home full of love. You can notice it looking at door frame cover in stickers from the time when I was a kid.
I couldn’t help but smile at the memory when at first my dad was mad at me, but later he also added a couple of stickers on his own with Donald Duck. I was more into Disney Princesses at that time and the Lion King.

Even the living room is not untouched. There is a hole in one wall from the time my dad was trying to hang the TV right there but did not know how thin this one wall was. He cursed a lot and was so mad at himself. He tried to cover it before my mum would notice. He put a family photo over the hole.
My mum knew about it the first time her eyes stopped there, but she let it be this way. She preferred the photo.


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