Morality – Who’s right? 

What is morality? Where is the line and did we cross it?
Being a ‘moral’ person[means in our society that we stick to the rules. That way we know the differences between what behavior is good and which is bad behaviour.

As a journalist you must ask yourself countless time is your way of working is still proper or you went too far. But is going too far may be justified in special cases? Is it good to put yourself in the spot of the person you interview and think ‘How would I feel being in their place?’

It is also good to more or less know the personality of the person you’re trying to talk to because sometimes you can risk asking more controversial or personal questions knowing that the person would not mind.
In Media people
like to push the edge and find the truth no matter the price or even worse and create their own truth. Sometimes all it takes it parts of conversation without the right context to ruin someone’s else life. 

The hardest part is to decide when someone is overusing the freedom of speech creating a bad reputation for others in the same industry. Making people distrustful towards media in future.  

Some might wrongly think that celebrities with their’s fame are ready to share even the most personal part of theirs lives. The truth stands somewhere else.

They share more than ordinary people but still have the right to keep privacy in some areas of life. Most of famous people like to keep their love ones or addictions out of the fleshlight. But if they decided to tell about the way they have handled and come clean out of addiction it should be in their conditions. As long as they do not hurt anybody, they can decide what and how to share information.The thing is that once told story, about their addiction, will one way or another still appear on the papers. The media never forgets.

But let’s not make only journalists the guilty ones. There are also moments when another side of the story is hiding crimes or lies, and then this person is mad when it’s out of the open.  

There are also situations when celebrities like to share everything while using social media or when someone is interviewing them. They have no problem even when someone is asking about their private life. They share stories or photos of their love ones, and everything is fine, as long as they giving them the good kind of attention.

To be a celebrity or journalist you must think what you are doing and how does it would affect the others around you. In our century information once shared online would not disappear. We are all humans and we all make mistakes but in our times is better to think twice rather than be sorry later. 


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