Crown made of blood

Wolf’s POV

There are some who call me Wolf.

There are some who call me Alpha.

There are some who call me Monster.

There are some who will call me Hero.

Who am I?

A werewolf with a pack of lads that would go to hell with me if I would ask them to do so.

My true name is Raffea, but it doesn’t sound as cool as the nickname-Wolf does.

It takes just one look at me to put fear, even in the bravest of hearts.

I am tall, well-built, I like to think I’m a handsome fellow, with glowing, bright blue eyes… but what is more important, my skin is covered with fur, my smile involves sharp fangs, hugs (Ok, guilty I am a hugging person/creature, so?) massive paws.

Simple folks from villages see in me and my crew demons. It is hard with looks like that to find a place to stay where people would welcome you with open arms, or at least without disgust on their faces. So I scare them and make them afraid of their lives if they would not let us stay. I learn to be the bad guy everyone thinks I am, the thing is I am not, not really.

There was a time I was a human. I had mundane dreams. Small house on the hill, that I would share with the one I would love. Farm, full of animals, and God, maybe even a kid that I could teach how to shoe a horse, or how to fish, to show what plants are suitable for consumption and warn about the ones that could kill.

Everything was perfect. I had a girl named Lysandra, turns out, she was a witch, and also a bitch.

White magic was not enough, so she starts to play with the dark arts.

She killed mothers, children… my best childhood friend out of jealousy. I was trying to stop her… and then she cursed me, she made me, a hunter, a werewolf, a monster. She took almost ever part of me that was- well me.

Lysandra in her madness she found a way to change into anyone she wanted. She paid the price, not too high for her standards- a bath full of the blood of innocent.

Lysandra chooses to look as Queen Amarantha and killed the real one in her sleep, burn the body, no evidence of her crime remaining. Our realm is under the rule of the Queen that is not a queen, and the crown on her head is made of blood. Blood and bones of Amarantha, the pure-hearted woman now dead, that everyone adored and loved. Some were calling her Granny, she never minded. She was young and still, she had a grandchild- A girl, our princess, Ruby is her name. The ginger goddess. It is a surprise why Lysandra didn’t pick Ruby to change into.

Now I have one task to fulfill. My last quest. I needed time after becoming a Wolf. I started to drink. I was in my lower point. From there I could only go up. Now I am ready to kill Lysandra with the help from my pack, but it is a hard task to do. First, we need to make sure Ruby is safe. If my inside informant is right, inside the castle not everything look’s so colorful and Ruby’s life is in danger. Lysandra may be good at playing her games. She always was a good actress, after all, she made me believe she loved me when she only likes how we look together. But it is about the time to change the rules and put Ruby on the throne. Outside the castle, people have no idea the Queen is not our Granny, inside they became suspicious after Princess was nowhere to be found, locked away in the dungeon.

‘Princess, please, hold on a while longer. We are coming to rescue you.’ I mutter to the wind and the night sky. The star I was looking at shine a little brighter like it would try to say that the princess will be fine, that my war is not lost. That I indeed have something to fight for.

Ruby’s POV

My teeth are chattering, and my body became numb. The first day I thought I would freeze to death, but It was already a week, or maybe four days, who know? And unfortunately, I am still alive.

I am a princess, or maybe It is who I was? I am a prisoner in my own castle, that a year ago I would without thinking twice call home.

Queen, my granny, the only family I’ve got left… Hated to use the dungeon, and now look at me. I am locked up here. Sometimes I forget that I am here but that’s not my granny’s fault.

My prison has black, made of stones walls, without windows. No bed, just hay, here and there and my red cloak from granny, that is my pillow.

I sleep not even five feet from the place I piss. The smell is awful, I had a hard time not to vomit, but now I don’t care. I don’t feel anything. I am empty. I can’t cry any longer because tears can’t come anymore. From time to time I’m able to feel anger. Sometimes I think about my situation.
I remember when Granny was taking me to the forest to feed the squirrels. She was always smiling, and her touch was always gentle. I cuddle her on a blanket, and we were watching how more and more squirrels was coming for nuts while we were eating dishes from the basket she made for me.

Every year she was making me something herself for my birthday.

But a year ago something bad happend. One day evertyhing was normal just for the next to change everything. At the beginning it was just small changes, her smile was more force than true, and everytime she looked at me with this cooldnest in her eyes. I try to ignore it. She still was my grandma after all.

When my birthday come… Like always the whole kingdom celebrate but my granny…

She didn’t make me anything. She gave me a new tiara, and just it. It was not like her. In that moment I knew something was wrong!

I come to her chambers, and tried to confront her about this.

She wasn’t asleep, she was sitting next to the fire place with a book in her hands.

Once again she glanced at me this way that it froze my blood.

‘Why you look at me with this hatred in your eyes?’ I asked.

‘It is not hatered, I just look at you more intense, so it’s easier to see you, my dear.’

‘Oh! But grandmother, why did you change the guard at my door? I liked Langley better.

‘I did it to protect you, my child. Langley was too old to keep you safe.

‘But Granny! You promised me something last year, when you were giving me my red cloak, as a gift. Do you remember?’

It was my test for her, that only my granny could answer. I had hope that she would. That I was wrong and magic is not involve… But she couldn’t.

‘I don’t look like it, but I am old my sweet child’ She tried to smile saying that but it looked more dangerous than happy. ‘I may not remember everything I said such a while ago.’

But I knew my granny, my Queen. She would never forget that she promised to make a bow for my eighteen birthday. It was tradition in my family, way before my ancestors were part of royalty. to learn how to hunt. Boys at age of eight and girls at the age of eighteen.

I was a fool. I shouln’t speak out loud, but I did. I narrowed my eyes.

‘You are NOT her!’ I yelled. ‘The crown is not yours!GUARDS! GUARDS!’

When the guards forcefully entered into the room she just smiled at me… this time with satisfaction all over her/ my granny’s face. I hated her-whoever the person with my granny’s face was.

Next second she fake crying.

‘Guards, take Ruby to the dungon’ she said, her voice shaking.

They look at each other with confusion.

‘She commit the highest treason! She-e, she tried to kill me!’ Queen cried. As a proof out of nowhere she gave them a knive. ‘With this’

And that’s the story how I get in here. In the dungeon… She didn’t tell anyone I am here. She is smart, I must give her that. New Queen know how much people love me, some would try to save me. It would start a mutiny among them. So she made me quietly disappear. To rot down here in the darkness, or lose my mind, I am not sure what way I will go.

‘My name is Ruby and I am not crazy. My name is Ruby and I am not crazy. ‘ I whispered again and again to myself.

‘My name is Ruby and I will survive. One way or another I will take back my kingdom, I will fight for my home.’ It was more of a prayer than a promise.

Princess in the dungeon, how classy.


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