Deuteragonists & tritagonists

Reading a book, watching tv shows or movies most of the times we focus on the main protagonist’s story not even rethinking our approach. We take the support characters as a bonus. They help our protagonist to become who he/she need to be being with them or against them, yet they are not as ‘interesting’ or ‘likable’ for the viewer or reader. Or at least some of them think that way. My brother is the best example, his favourite characters are always the heroes of the story, but I like to dig deeper. Most of the time I like deuteragonists and trigonists best,(names are from Greek ancient drama) so the second and third characters of importance. I enjoy to watch their way as well, to try to think like them. I focus on how main character change theirs lives not the other way around, and how they adapt to the new situations that are ahead of them.
Even on-line there is not enough information about the support characters especially if we are looking at the book characters. Scrolling through Tumblr I notice that in fandoms people are almost always all about the protagonist and I am here looking for even one person that think same as me and cherish other characters as well.

One of my favourite and unappreciated tritagonists are Cecily Herondale and Gabriel Lightwood from The Infernal Devices trilogy.
The thing with these two is that they are also my OTP.
I love how Gabriel changed since we first see met him in the book one. In the first two books, his purpose is to be against the main characters. That might be the case why no one in fandom actually likes him. But we should not forget that he from a strict person that all he care about is his pride and that Gabriel believes in everything that his father taught him. Even if it’s wrong. He, after all, becomes an amazing and caring person that would die for his brother or the love of his life. He also hated Will one of the characters of main importance and now he is trying to impress him since he is the big brother for Cecy.
At the beginning, he tries his best to be better Shadowhunter than the rest, he blindly believes that his side of the story is the right one but when his father dies, from his own mistakes Gabriel is brave enough to look for help to people that he thought are his enemies. Turns out that they show him that he can be better, he learns that he is not responsible for his father’s behavior and makes a peace with himself. At the end he is with Cecily, smiling and joking, he’s finally happy.

Cecily, on the other hand, is wild and fearless we know her like that. Her name is only once mentioned in the first book. In the second book, we learn about her past from Will’s memories of her, from when he left her to become Shadowhunter. We also slightly have her in the middle of the book but only at the end she is going to institute saying that she wants to be a Shadowhunter as well, but her plan at that moment was to take his brother back home. The problem is that the institute is Will’s home now. And Finally, in the last book, we know that she lost her sister at a young age and the same day she lost her brother but in a different way as well. From happy family one night everything changed, her life shattered. She was thinking that Shadowhunters stole his brother, that they are bad people and she is the heroin going to save him. But after some time in the institute and at her training she found herself in this life as well as Will. He didn’t want to put her in the danger but he also knew that there is no way he can stop her. She learns how to fight, love and not giving up. I love the most the fact how important for her is her brother she would go to hell for him and would not even think twice.

It is exactly why I love the  Deuteragonists & tritagonists, because sometimes the better story is hiding behind the main plot we just need to have open eyes to notice it.


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