How has blogging affected journalism?

The world is going forward with every passing second. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? I am not the one to judge, all I can do is to add my perspective to conversations about it.
In the 21st century most people look information thought internet  rather than buying and reading a newspaper. It should not be surprise then, that blogs now have a significant part in our life. The beauty of it is that searching for information was never as easy. The problem is that anyone can post anything they want to so information involved in the post might be far from truth.

Having a blog doesn’t make anyone a journalist. Some people are considering blogging as a training to be journalist. The thing is that some of us still prefer to read someones personal, even if unprofessional, thought about things that we found interesting. The information from blog might be more value for them because of the passion of the person that post it. The language used to reach them, the form, that is way different from the press one.

Blogs advantage is also the fact that most of them allow viewers for conversations with the authors of post. It makes people more attract to read it and comment, they feel more connection than when they’re reading a newspaper or sites with news when they would most likely not get answers from the authors but from other readers.

Blogs affected journalism in the way that more and more people choose blogs over newspapers. Yet, we should not forget that journalism is still on higher level and when we need news from trusted source we would pick the journalist pieces to read.

I think it is great way to improve yourself if someone wish to be journalist. He should try with free blog about something that he’s crazy about and try to be as professional as it gets. Then educate themselves as much as they can, and go back with the experience they got to having a professional journalism blog on their own.


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