Please, could you love me at first sight?

Every time I’m going back to this memory I feel like it warms my heart all over again. I can remember even the smallest detail from that day. It was, almost thirty degrees in the shade, no wind at all, the sun was shining so bright that when the light glinted in my direction it hurts my eyes so I had to wear sunglasses. That day was also loud, noise all around me. People everywhere, and one of them-him. If perfection does not exist, then explain what is he doing walking on this earth?

I went to the city centre to meet with him for the very fist time. I didn’t know how important to my life he would become. I only wished he would. I was nervous. My heart was beating so fast, like never before. Legs shaking, mouth dry… and eyes searching. I thought, ‘Oh God, help me.’ He looked even better than in photos. I loved him already. I knew I shouldn’t, I didn’t even know what to call him. The fulfillment of all my wishes? Nah, it would be too much. I knew his name is James, but looking at him at the distance it sounded too serious. I decided to call him Jim. The most perfect creature of them all.

I went closer. Finally, our eyes met, blue against brown.  I could tell he was happy to see me from the reaction of his body.  His tail did not stop wagging even for a second.

”Please, could you love me at first sight?” I panted.

He licks my hand in agreement, it was like our little ‘licked’ promise to love each other. Since then I knew for sure he is the one for me, my black Labrador.

I love him so much. I am glad he is a big part of my life. Without this little shaggy monster, my bed would feel empty and I would be lonely.

The two months with him were the best months of my life, I am glad that we have yet years to come. A year full of love, full of life and happiness.
Now we are both on a bed. I like to hug him, to know he is close, to hear his breathing. His body is always warm, making my heart melt. Jim loves to put his head on my neck when we’re laying down. I could easily fall asleep again no matter the fact that we just woke up a while ago. Still, we didn’t move at all. We are too lazy but I know it is time to do so. We need to go and do something first before we can play again together.

”Jim, do you want to go for a walk?” I asked him.

As soon as he heard these words coming out of my mouth he ran to the door, holding the leash in his teeth. It is our small ritual. I know he likes to go to the lake. It’s two miles away from our home but I would do anything to make him happy.

It was impossible not to fall for James.

After all, he is the best dog ever!








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